Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Everyday Monster Girls)

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      • judging from past post dates it can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months but that really depends on when the creator finishes the chapter and the translators get a hold of it and do their magic

  1. oh, I thought this was some random release site but do you actually write this one yourself? good show,
    I look forward to new releases and I’ll bookmark this site post haste

  2. You just don’t see good monster girl manga anymore, at least until now good deal on the releases! Awsome site banner by the way.

  3. I can’t stop reading the first three chapters they are just simple captivating and translation is nice and neat, Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. you work is amazing. i love the story and all the hard work you been doing. please keep the story going. it really good

  5. 13th Hour Scanlation would like to get in contact you. Can you please email me or visit our irc? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Also nice job on Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.

  6. Love your work I was suprised that you weren’t a translitor but a mangaka yourself can’t wait for the next chapter big fan

  7. This has proven to be as captivating as some of the mainstream manga I read. Love it, and will continue to keep my eyes carefully peeled for the next release. Thanks for all the hardwork, this series is already showing itself to be awesome-sauce!

      • You understand the Message of the side false. The Manga releases on the 19th of every month, but the Japansese friend muss scan and send the manga to them, then hey can translate firstly.
        Two days waiting ist not a crime ….

  8. I think they need time to scan/clean/typeset/edit and everything, if only a 2-3 people are working on it, it does take time, especially if they are busy with their real life stuff

    • livingdeadguy, your english is better as my one, but you shoot the jumping point. ;) Is your nationality German too or an other one ?

  9. This here comic is top shelf. Keep up the great work ol chap, I’ve even got a few of my colleagues to start reading this fine piece of art.

  10. BEST.NON HENTAI.STORY…So far…BUT. Will there be ANY sex? (It would be wierd since all the girls are animals but im just wondering…)

    • Wierd yes, Very painful? Maybe at first. But I must say ol chap.
      It is a awe inspiring thing to see, that is if they DO end up in bed.
      there is another story called “My Life With Monster-Girl” That is H.
      Try it if you wanna actually see sex.

  11. Lost my PC so I can’t read chapter five.
    Can only gaze at its link from my phone.

    Welp time to get a job to buy a new PC.

  12. thank you for your business friends. first saw the front page of chapter one of this manga, I think it’s like manga adult manga are only concerned with lust alone. unexpected that the manga is not like that, this manga is very interesting. I hope the manga is still rising. Oh well the character of this manga is interesting is miss smith. why did he call him a “darling”?

    • I think she was calling him darling to poke fun at him because Mia calls him darling all the time.

  13. Really guys? It’s so easy these days to get rid of dust in manga, hell even i could do a better job than that.

  14. I noticed chapter 6 is up on a lot of the manga reader websites already. Will the file be posted on this site for download?

  15. Was the “8/18″ on chapter 5 supposed to mean the raws or the finished, translated product?

  16. I’m still waiting for the official release of chapter 6.
    quite curious why it is so late.

  17. Either the site’s owner is unable to do it for whatever reason (loss of pc, in the hospital, dead) or he/she suddenly stop’d giving a crap about the site/project.

    Ive already saved the other site chap. 6 was released on, so hopefully that one will continue to provide, as they are translated/released.

  18. This month’s Comic Ryu had an Everyday Monster Girls cover that I haven’t seen with the chapter 06 release. Do you want me to send you a scan of it?

  19. Next chapter??? its been two days since release date… can i please have next comic now… :'( i cant stand suspense.

  20. Dude, your work is absolutely brilliant! This series it is absolutely amazing! and I cannot wait for the next Chapter, It’s going to be epic!
    Seriously keep it up. :D

  21. Thank you for entertaining me with a beautifully drawn, original story. I look forward to each chapter.

  22. i love so much this comic, hope to see an arachne^^ my favorite monstergirl^^
    thank you for posting download link

  23. Thank you for releasing this kind of manga, I LOVE YOU GUYS! TT_TT

    will this manga be available to buy in english somewhere or havent they managed to translate it yet? my japanese sucks.. :)

  24. This is one of my favourite mangas ever.
    I would really love tu buy it if you would sell an english version, too.

  25. How many chapters are there gonna be in total. Will chapter 9 be out soon. it would be nice if it was turned into an anime it fits the criteria so well. what are the other kind of monster girls to be featured in the future chapters. would be a cool game aswell.

  26. I absolutely love your manga so much that i couldn’t stop myself from coming here to thank you for making the amazing and addicting manga you make, i can’t stop trying to find the most recent release XD.

  27. Dude. How messed up is it that I had a dream involving the very plot of this manga, and the next day I’m just browsing through some Manga online when BAM! I find this. Sweetness. Epic. Keep it up. Waitin’ for the next piece.

    • I had been planning a story involving a lamia, harpy, and centaur (among other monster girls) for a few weeks before finding this. Apparently this manga is reflecting our subconsciousness.

  28. Yes,finally chapter 9.
    The “kid thought” pic is so freaking cute,especially the little Lamiia.

  29. Any word on when chapter 10 is coming out? It is around the time they usually post them, but not sure how the holidays will affect their schedule.

  30. Esto me da la misma emoción que cuando vi y leí Omamori Himari es INCREÍBLE no puedo para de verlo por favor que dure mucho. Esto es una obra de arte >:3 un anime quizas podria salir de esto o.o

    In English next time, please. -admin

  31. Are the donations being shared with the author? I do love the fact that you are translating these mangas and would want to support that too but I’d like to contribute even more if it was shared with the author; since I really enjoy this manga!

  32. I wonder when will The story of them going to the beach be out ?
    With the Snake’s problem with water and that slime.

  33. Just wondering how to buy the comic, i live in Sweden and the Amazon webpage is in Japanese, and i dont find the comic in the English version of Amazon, dose that mean i cant buy it?

    (By the way, the story is really great! Keep it up and it will be made legend! :D)

  34. There will be a new chapter? If that is the case when it’s going to be realized? sorry for my bad english >_<

  35. Love the releases! At the time of this posting though, chapter 11 links to the 10th chapter.

  36. First comment from me

    I must say…. well …. ah hell, lets start with the positive first.

    I loved the chapters 1-10. Thank you really much. I have a read through through this series once per week. Just hilarious.

    now…. i ll be blunt, as not to make this too long. Ch 11is NOT that great…. i was disappointed after all this waiting. Lets hope CH 12 will return to the usual pace of the manga with more focus on the character development.

    As for the mermaid Mero. Well i was hoping we get Arachne, as it was listed as number 2 entry after the Slime girl. Arachnes are something unusual so i was hoping for her. Mermaids are kinda too mainstream (plus there is already one “scale-tail” girl).

    Ok that’s all from me, heh, but take it as a positive criticism ;)
    Thanks again for this great series and keep it coming :)

    • Y’know, one thing I love about these comics and the artists who make them is that they’re real people, who listen to the ideas and suggestions of others.

      I myself am a huge fan and I think this comic is, by far, one of my favourites thus far.

      One of the reasons, of course, is the content.
      Love the art form (Funny and expressive, as well as beautiful.) and I love the variation in character among, well, the characters.

      (Kasa finds the Mermaid’s doom-fetish hilarious.)

      I also love the fact that ideas for the comic have a sort of public consensus, such as which monster girls to add.

  37. I just read a comment from, Myrdin and while I truly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion; I must say that I truly disagree with half of what was said. I also truly enjoyed chapters 1-10, but chapter 11 was very different. It was a whole different kettle of fish and honestly i think it was the best example, of a comic touching on backstory, or side story of their world i had seen in a while. You could have done many stupid things to introduce cyclopes, ogre, doppleganger, and zombie girls. But making them a special task force for Mrs Smith and using a whole comic about them, that was very refreshing and i truly enjoyed it. So congrats from me, and keep up the good work. My favorite comic online.

    • “It was a whole different kettle of fish”…

      Does that mean the others were some other form of fish in kettles?

      What kind of fish would be put into a kettle and why?

  38. This is the best manga i’ve ever read… it’s the only manga i’ve ever read!

    I love the logic…. you’re probably reading this thinking… huh?

    The logic in that wet wings can’t fly, Big boobs can’t fly (hence harpy’s small boobs)
    Using the Slime +Water idea! = Genius!

    Usually Science is my right hand but this is Epically amazing! and my guilty pleasure at the same time! :D

    Keep doing what you do best and i hope to see more thrills, spills, Terrors, tie-ups, troubles,perils and of course… more boobies and monster girls :P
    *Raises Glass*

    ~Victoria Loveless

    • Some Other Monsters/Creatures to add could be
      Half-Dragons (Humanoid or Centaur forms),
      Lizard folk (Humanoid or Centaur forms),
      Wasp Girls (Centaur with Upper body human, lower of a Wasp, Bee or Hornet)
      Scylla/Octopuss Mermaids, Demon-Girls,
      Hind/Doe (Centaur with the body of a Doe) :)
      ~ VL

      • Ideas:
        Doppelganger, Mino-girl (Cow-girl, more or less.), Ant-girl, Ghost, Mouse-girl, Alraune, Sphinx, Sheep-girl, Goblin, Vampire, Zombie-girl, Elemental-girl (So many kinds!), Android-girl…

        Honestly, by the time the comic finishes, whether or not any monster girls will remain is unknown.

        (Kasa wonders if an Android or mechanical girl would be considered a monster-girl, but figures it wouldn’t, unless it were bio-mechanical or something.)


  39. VL: To tell the truth i too would actually like to see an Arachne included :)
    Its just something that doesnt really appear in games (even if then its mostly the M&M series) and even less in manga. Soo that would be pretty cool :)

    Though id like to avoid any more “scaily girls” as we already have one Lamia and one Mermaid. I would prefer either Arachne / Plant girl (Alreune maybe) or a bug type pokemo…. girl XD (Mantis would be interesting, but Hornet would be nice too)

    • To be honest I don’t think we need any new girls, at least for a while. That house is already pushing maximum density as it is. We’re already starting to lose individuality between the girls, who seem to be steadily fusing into a background mob. I wanna see more chapters that focus on each of the existing girls.

      • True dat. I technically would be ok with the first 3 girls, as they are pretty fun enough.
        But lets face it, the girls will keep increasing their numbers : /
        Even if we dont want it to. I was pointing on two of them that might be interesting :)

  40. Your manga is the best I love reading out the story and hoping he chooses the girl I would choose.

  41. this has to be one of the best manga’s ive ever read XD if it was released for anime would be awesome, if there was a way to buy it alil closer to home i would defo pay.
    but i agree with the above poster dont want to have to many girls then the current ones will become side line characters and i loveee miia xD

  42. You can do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    I’ve loved these comics thus far and eagerly await the next!

  43. I wonder, we’ve got a Lamia, a Centaur, a Harpy, a Slime, and soon we’ll also see a Drider…

    Will we see an Android or something at some point too?
    Or a Dragoness?!


  44. I’m just wondering, but is the author of this comic perchance fan of Fenoxo’s “Corruption of Champions”?

  45. *Is chanting “Fifteen’s coming… Fifteen’s coming…” repeatedly in a corner, his mind ready to burst upon the appearance of the fifteenth chapter*

    • When is 15 coming? It’s June 7th now and no sign of it anywhere…. *rocks back an forth, thumb in mouth*

  46. *Is chanting “sixteen’s coming… Sixteen’s coming…” repeatedly in a corner, his mouth frothing in anxiety, waiting for the sixteenth chapter*

    Sorry to copy, Kasa. xD

  47. thank you for creating this manga and your hard work.. i love it so much ♥
    can’t wait for the next chapter :)

  48. Very good manga, really. You should ask some studio to develop it as an anime, it could be one of the most popular of the correspondent year. I cheer you from Spain to keep doing this great job.

  49. When will Chap 20 be released? Chap 20 raw was released on 10/19/2013. I seen the raw so far, and its pretty funny! I can’t wait to be able to read it in English, and hope to see you have it out soon.

  50. Thanx for the translation, you guys are great. Wish the localized versions pick up the paste. I will buy multiple copies. I wonder if it gets an anime and I agree with the comment above. I want a figure like soon.

    Why I love this manga so much?

  51. Love the series, have the English translations already pre-ordered myself and purchased the ones they have out. Can’t wait for them to finish, already antsy to see what happens next so I hope you guys have the next chapter soon! I keep checking back nearly every day anyway.

  52. are you ever going to start updating this page again? the manga is up to chap23 and this is still sitting at chap15…

  53. Thank you for translating the series. Been reading this over 2 years now always enjoy it and makes me lol so much. Im sure the author appericates it too. Its because of groups like you make the series x10 more popular!

  54. Hello everyone, I have a question, I read the first 3 chapters and I got interested in this doujin; I’d really like to buy this, but how am I supposed to do it? I mean, I live in italy, so how should I get this being send to me?
    Sorry for the bad english, and please, if you could, answer both here and over email (I’ll put it here just in case:
    Thanks in advance =)

  55. Ok I have become a huge fan of this wonderful manga but what i really wanna know is when this will become an anime please someone give me a heads up

  56. I really hope that you guys are going to be continuing your work on this series even though Batoto took it down because of one of those damn DMCA notices that they received. This is one of the funniest series that I have ever read.

    By the way, do you know if the publishers will ever release an English, FULL COLOR, oversized hardcover omnibus edition of this series like the 2 beautiful editions made of High School of the Dead? I would definitely pay good money for such editions to add to my personal library!!!

  57. thanks for all your hard work you guys do a great job, this is by far one of ym favourite series ever cannot wait till the animes,OVA’s and movies come out im hoping they keep the story going though and tone down the goofyness and have a little more romance/seriousness at some point.

    I attached my email i see you guys are hosted in the US if you guys ever need offshore hosting let me know id be able to host and contribute to your project

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