Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 05

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My apologies for the delays this month. In any case, here’s chapter 5 at last!

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    Marriage already? wasnt their supposed to be more girls involved or am i jumping on the gunz too soon?

    • I think that was just an assumption people were making because of his previous work, things would probably get extremely complicated if they added to many more girls, plus the other girls would have a harder time fitting into human society(except maybe the minotaur) or are kinda improbable

      • It is still hard to tell at this point but maybe there would be one more to join in the nigh-future.

          • He has a series of 1 page stories where the main male is living with the monstergirl and is focused on the issues of having sexual relations with the different species. Most of them are up to 2 parts but they have been coming out for a long time. (Couple of years) The male that is with each of the girls are brothers btw so that none of them are cheating on their beloved.


            Adult content in the stories. Be warned.

          • He did a bunch of short hentai works and called it “My Life with Monster Girls”, its about guys dating and having “relations” with monster girls, there was a Lamia, harpy, centaur, minotaur, spidergirl, mermaid, dulahan, and slime girl, so people were assuming all of those would show up. I think some may still show up, but probably more likely as acquaintances. Here is his previous work http://g.e-hentai.org/g/279751/40f4f7cc10/

  2. *sigh*
    I hate Harem but I love Monstergirls. This is the only manga with a Monstergirl genre. So I guess I should just go with the flow.
    Hey, how bout another character?

    Not a candidate. Just give Miia an older sister (a blue lamia with blonde hair?) who acts all motherly and a perfect woman and will introduce the story into Miia’s story arc. I know that its too early to request the story to diverge into drama but come on, we still have no idea why Miia is so interested with living in a human society instead of joining her own kind

  3. Thank you very much. What I’m afraid of this manga is maybe it going to end but I want this manga have at least 50 Chapters.

    • You might be right but it is kind of new and it could well reach over 100 chapters for all we know. Again it depends on popularity.

  4. Always loving it. I don’t know why this whole series wasn’t initiated earlier. Lets just get it serialized already!

  5. Oh boy, Well any man with honor would throw himself to the lions and be happy with left over results.

    Also Thanks for Chapter 5!!! XD

  6. good thing and bad(?)

    Good: this site is decent-ish

    Bad(?): why…..u mkae me love this kind of manga XD

    TBO like this place and just “crashed” on this place..by a random..link

    but hope u keep up the really good work

    have a nice day people

  7. I hope he gets to marry all of them, and there are more. I guess it’s better not to introduce a new one every single chapter, but I have to say I was expecting one.

  8. Oh yeah! Chapter 5? GOOD!!

    Well, i wasn’t expecting this kind of development…I think things are going to turn:
    1.Hero depressed because can’t choose one between them.
    2. Mrs Smith tells him that since the girls aren’t human, polygamy is tolerated (the “choose one of them” part would be a prank… F***ing Mrs Smith!)

    Well I’m pretty sure about the first part, but not for the second… But not knowing what’s gonna happen is what makes this awesome( along with the monstergirl part)!

  9. Thank you to everyone that works on these scanlations. I follow this series on Batoto and am truly grateful for the work you guys put in to translate this manga for us. Keep up the great work !

  10. Hy,
    I really like this manga and I am looking forward for the next chapter =)

    Is there any chance of contacting the person responsible for this project?

  11. That was an unexpected turn of events :D
    Cant wait too see how the girls react go next chapter go !!! \(^o^)/

  12. Today I found out that the kanji for ‘gentle’ is comprised of the primitives for ‘vulture’ and ‘woman’. So of course the first thing I think of is a kind, compassionate harpy, with a demure smile and a soft tone, serving tea to her beloved.

    This manga is starting to take over my life.

  13. *SPOILER*
    I think that before choosing one of them to marry, there’s gonna be a few chapters about “meeting my darling/husband/master’s family”. Can’t wait to see what’ll happen.

    Hero: Dad, Mom, here are the girls I told you about.
    The girls: Pleased to meet you!
    Mom: My, my. How well behaved they are. So, which one are you going to choose?
    The girls: ME!

      • True….
        But a smart Hero is something quite uncommon, since most heroes are completely dumb when it comes down to this kind of things….

    • Yes, it’s called polygamy, although polygamy with animal/human hybrids might be a different thing entirely…

  14. Could you ask your Japanese friend to also scan Centaur No Ayami from Comic Ryu I would like the raws

  15. you know.. this is the first time i see so many post for a manga XD the Admin must be super happy :D

  16. That moment when you tell yourself over and over and over to keep calm and patient but your heart is pounding screaming DOOOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIT i take it everyone else is feeling this?

  17. Can’t wait for chapter 6, this manga is really fun. Thank you Okayado and thank you for translation.

  18. how much I pushed F5 for the Ch.6????
    uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I think I can’t hold this anymore :(
    please Chapter 6 :)
    is this 100 posts replied already?

  19. amazing!! , it dropped a bombshell on me though. sadly though i’m posting this after August 18th and i’m about to scratch my eyes out for # 6. but great work, i love inhuman/ human love mangas!

  20. Gaah I started reading this a few weeks ago… now I’m hooked. I’m on batoto too for those who found this series through there, although i saw it here initially, then after it was put on batoto I re-read it like 5 times. (;,,;)

  21. omg 101 cant be release anymore.. you guys are not allowed to release chatp 6 anymore, its on status Dropped now… XD kidding :P (would be Nerd rage and super sad if were true..lol) anyway why so long?

    • Well, they probably wanna get the translations and typesetting perfect, I know its hard to wait for new chapters but we must all be patient, I’ve waited several months for releases quite often. And technically It hasn’t been a full month since they last chapter was released after translation, lol.

      From someone who is used to waiting long periods for manga release, take my advice everyone. Be patient, when the next chapter finally comes, it’ll be so damn enjoyable

      But keep comment, this is pretty enjoyable XD

      • Eh, I just wish they would post an update like a day or so after the raws come out to give an E.T.A.

  22. They might have finished it and have just not updated the front page. Ch6 just showed up on Manga Traders.

  23. well i re-read all of chapter 1 to 5….(sigh) im gonna go back and count how many times the main character has normal eyes

  24. Thanks for the release!
    Now.. I looked at some links in the comments.. I’m surprised the one-page stories are still continuing! I thought the translated colored pages are all the author drew, but I’m seeing black and whites as well as multi-girls, which I’ve never seen before!

  25. guys mind posting it then? cause i really hate reading my good stuff on a boring online reader…

  26. You know, he could’ve ended at page where the guy looked like he was grievously wounded and left it as the worst cliffhanger ever.

  27. I want to know what excuse he comes up with for the delay between official and unofficial release

  28. Two things:
    1) I want that topic image as a wallpaper.
    2) There needs to be a kuudere Dullahan girl introduced. Dullahan es #1 monster girl.

  29. OMG I love this manga already. I believe it couldn’t come out quick enough even if they tried. and thank you for the wonderful scantilations.

  30. Guess this page pretty much died, and releases are mainly available on random aggregators like mangatraders.

    A shame, this was a nice site to see people comment on the series and provide interesting links.

  31. Damn, moderations and links. Chech pretty anons web, basically says that Daiz is MIA (the admin I suppose) and that they have added to their schedule the series. Google futari wa pretty anon scanlations and the first wordpress site

  32. does anyone noticed the anouncment on the second page of ch.6 does anyone know if there startet a second story line based on this raw should be relased at 9/13

    • Patience my friend if it’s one thing i learned is to wait at least 5-6 extra days after it’s release in Japan

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