74 thoughts on “Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 04

  1. *Spoiler*
    Things are moving to fast, he is gaining a girl a chapter, need to slow it down some and have a few stories with the girls he already has. that aside, i knew the centuer was going to be next. Need to have a poll for which monster-girl you think is going to join next.
    1. dullahan
    2. arachnid
    3. Slime
    4. Mermaid
    5. Minotaur
    I think that is all of them.

      • Well, looking at their personality in those works, Slime’s personality will probably sorta clash with Mia.
        I think Dullahan (quiet type), Arachne (S?) or Mermaid (shy but can be assertive if in water) might be more likely.

        Although mermaid seem to be least likely considering her need of water (unless they somehow add an aquarium tank next to his house so she can live there…)

        • There will eventually be a beach episode–it’s traditional–which can introduce the mermaid. The compulsory hot springs episode will no doubt lead in the slime-girl.

      • I dont think he has done a fox-girl before. That list was based on his previous funnies-style works. And a fox girl is not likely going to be in this. All of this guy’s work has to do with monster-girls that are obvious non-humans, I.e. at least 50% of their body does not look human. altho i guess dullahan is an execption being that she is really just a decapted human

        • OH, and im talking about main-characters. not side characters like they had in the first few chapters showing off the Mostly human monster girls.

  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    I’ve been waiting for this all month.

    On a side note, the image that is used for the credits. Is it just a stock photo? or is it from something?

  3. Awesome job, thanks for the translation.

    Hope it turns into a weekly publication, a month is too much to wait for another chapter ;_;

  4. OMG! Ms. Smith is hot
    I think next will be Dullahan she will fit well with her kuudere personality with others. 2 genki and 1 tsundere is too much, need quiet type :)
    Dunno about Arachnid she is too aggressive other girls will be against it

  5. wow nice find! well for me XD, man i want Slim girl action! :D when is the next chapter release? (will it be weekly or monthly?) anyway thx alot guys!!! this is the best after the game Monstergirls Quest XD

  6. Thanks for the release guys, love this manga! Keep it up!

    I think mermaid will be next, assuming we don’t get a few chapters of development that is

  7. sooo ummm when is the next chapter gonna be out? (even though i know my post will never be replied even in a thousand years… am still giving a shot:P)

    • Well, since it’s a monthly chapter, the next one should be out a few days after the release (19/07), so probably on the 21st or so, I’d say.

  8. Good job for the chapter!

    T’has made my day!
    I vote for the arachnean girl, even if a slime girl would be interesting too.
    For the arachnid: no need for a room, she sleeps on the wall of the girl’s bedroom.

    Can’t wait to see what’ll happen next though.

  9. Goddamn it! I wanted him to be loyal to the Lamia alone. >:(
    Now its going to turn into some predictable harem shit. Unless something happened that wont make me let this go

  10. I am wondering if you guys can take on a side translation that you can do in between the comics publishing dates I have the raws and I can give you them for free

    • Da, но использование языка, который понимает большинство посетителей, и чем чаще вы получите ответ на сообщения.

      • russian dude said, that this manga is a good one and he likes cute monstergirls, that’s all.
        But, of course, its not clever to speak on natural language (russian , italian etc.) in place where people can’t understand it. Shame on PaueL1234_SM :)

        • you think its a scam? like lets do a couple chapters and rip off the idiots? naaahh.. no way right? right..?

          meh i bet they just got issues on getting the copie or somthing like that:P nor some RL/Staff issues that’s setting an unwanted delayed XD

    • Well, I know from some of the manga I follow that sometimes they are released late because of Japanese holidays or major events.

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