Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 23


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Want to see MM comes out faster? Then join our team as a redrawer! You can pop into either #monstermusume or #prettyanon on Rizon IRC, or send TF an email at translatoranon@gmail.com to see how you can help. Else, it’ll keep taking this long.

Big hand to our cleaning and redrawing staff this month, who toiled endlessly to get the chapter looking amazing!

Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 17

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Sorry about the wait – between our raw provider/translator moving to Japan, and our cleaning staff having IRL issues, the delay was much longer than we would have liked it!

Next month we should be all set to get it out in at least a week. Or TF will crack some heads.

We may also be recruiting for backup cleaners and redrawers – if you’re interested, pop by IRC and we’ll see what you can do!



Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 16

  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - ch. 16 - Download

TF here! Sorry about the wait – we had an issue with our proofer being busy.

Just as a reminder, next month’s Monster Musume will be late, as I’m moving to Japan, and the soonest I’d be able to get the magazine is the 28th. However, for the next year, our releases will be much quicker, as I’ll be obtaining raws the day of release, instead of a week after!

Remember, if you ever have questions about our release schedule or delay, feel free to pop by our IRC channel! #monstermusume@irc.rizon.net